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Girl and Gent Talk

Mentoring sessions and workshops that engage slightly older students through classroom and outside activities.


Mentoring programs empowers youth to develop the necessary skills and abilities required to maximize their opportunities for personal growth and productive citizenship through academic and group mentoring.

These sessions cover various topics such as conflict resolution, self-esteem, understanding bullying and its origins, building healthy relationships with parents, peers, and the community, practical skill trainings, job readiness, and include activities like T-shirt design, 3-D printing, entrepreneurship, and STEM labs.

Each session is facilitated by a minimum of two instructors. To ensure parental involvement and connection with their students, P.A.B. organizes quarterly workshops that provide parents with an opportunity to increase their involvement and engage in open discussions about student challenges. These workshops are designed to support parents in connecting with their students and promote a conducive home environment.

PAB curriculum has been formulated through partnerships with mental health agencies to provide cognitive skills trainings and to address any traumas to help prevent recidivism among juveniles with a keen focus on reducing risk factors and positive skill building.

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